Boat trip to Skelligs

Only now I find the time to process some pictures I have taken during a trip to the Skelligs at the end of August.

I went with John O'Shea from Derrynane ( ) accompanied by my friend Henriette and my lovely wife Birgit. This trip takes a bit longer than the usual cruise from Portmagee. But you have the advantage of enjoying the views towards Derrynane Harbour and the scenery near Bolus Head. What a day!

Light was not at its greatest and it is always difficult to shoot from a boat in agitated seas. (And you need good stomach!)

I printed both pictures on Ilford Multigrade Art 300 in a large format. They appear to be black&white prints - but when you look closer you see just a faint touch of green. They need a place with plenty light to appear just right.

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